Some of the advantages of having Legacy Healthcare Services as your rehab provider and partner are

  • Legacy’s turnkey approach to providing Rehabilitative and Health Enrichment services offers your residents a full spectrum of services to help address challenges that arise during the aging process.
  • Legacy’s Livewell programming has been developed to address both preventative and quality of life issues, giving you additional resources in your efforts to provide early intervention for or with those residents who require therapy.
  • The on-site therapists offer a highly trained set of eyes to assist in early identification of physical and cognitive declines in your residents that can easily go unnoticed by personnel who don’t see your residents daily.
  • An on-site therapy department provides a level of support and skill that allows your residents to “stay at home” or “return to home” following outpatient procedures or brief inpatient hospital stays and receive sophisticated levels of therapy care in the convenience of their home/community.

Assisted Living Community (AL):

Legacy services provided as a Rehab Agency in your Assisted Living Community have met all the qualifications as required by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). We provide detailed Policies and Procedures and have been surveyed or are survey ready at each site.

Independent Living Retirement Community (IL):

Legacy Healthcare Services is passionate and committed to the care of older adults. Our Health Enrichment Programs are designed to promote awareness, prevention, and early intervention. The goal of our Health Enrichment Program is to enhance the quality of life and independence level of older adults in order to help them “live well, longer”. Health Enrichment programs work as powerful tools that empower residents to be pro-active towards their own personal health. From our value-added exercise and health education programs to facility design and management, Legacy can provide its customers with a turnkey Health Enrichment Program to meet the needs of their residents.

Exercise is for everyone. Exercise is very effective in managing many existing conditions. Legacy Health Enrichment Exercise Programs address special needs groups such as those with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, pulmonary disease & asthma, arthritis, etc. Specific exercises are designed to aid in the reduction of falls. Chronic pain and pain from arthritis are reduced through movement. The program is sensitive to low vision issues. Issues of incontinence are addressed through abdominal and pelvic exercises. Exercise stimulates and improves cognitive function. Our Wellness Programs integrate rehabilitation services, nursing, social work, and activities in order to provide an additional access point for the prevention and early intervention of treatment of residents. Exercise works as a therapeutic aid that allows residents to maintain their independence and to provide them with the highest quality of life possible.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Providing Quality Contract Therapy

Legacy Healthcare Services is dedicated to providing a level of service surpassed by no other contract therapy company. We are driven to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Legacy Healthcare takes our commitment to your business needs very seriously. Our business model expands on the operational roles of a “contract rehab service” and that of a “rehab management company”. We integrate our clinical programs into your operational model. Our success in this endeavor is measured by key performance standards jointly agreed upon during the contracting process.

Some of the advantages of having Legacy Healthcare Services as a business partner are

  • Legacy’s turnkey approach to providing Rehabilitative and Health Enrichment services minimizes the business risk to your facility.
  • Legacy will identify opportunities in the facility that are currently being underserved and provide programs to meet your patient’s and resident’s needs and interests.
  • Legacy’s Performance models maximize your opportunities to enhance the marketability at your facility.
  • Legacy’s services are tied to your Quality Indicators, giving you additional resources in your efforts to maintain regulatory compliance, achieve higher Nursing Home Compare/Five Star Quality ratings, and provide early intervention to those residents who demonstrate a decline in function.
  • Legacy will track contributions to your business through our Continuous Quality Improvement program called the “Excellence” program.
  • Legacy provides an On-site computer system for Outcomes Management and Service Delivery Tracking.
  • Legacy’s unique rehabilitation model will provide your facility with a significant competitive advantage.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC):

  • Legacy Healthcare Services will provide turnkey Rehabilitation programs. As a result of our unique focus on therapy program enhancement, your community will see an increase in therapy services delivered, enhanced continuity of care through the varied level of care units, and improved health awareness at all levels. Legacy will document these results through resident surveys, performance outcome measures, and resident participation logs.
  • The rehabilitation department is a vital link in the chain of quality resident care service in Continuous Care Retirement Communities. Legacy recognizes that our role as a contract therapy provider is to ensure that our services and our staff are an integral part of the community and contribute to the overall success of the community in providing quality resident care.
  • While our primary focus is to provide the highest quality therapy services to our rehab clientele, we must also assist the community in developing and carrying out programs and services for those residents who may not require skilled therapy intervention, but have a special care need.
  • We do this a number of ways. First, we provide routine screenings for all residents to identify any problems or conditions that may require skilled therapy services. Residents with special care needs are screened at least quarterly; those with no special needs are screened at least annually. Second, we conduct community in-service training for caregiver staff in resident care principles and techniques to enhance their daily care activities. Third, when appropriate for the individual resident’s care needs, we establish restorative nursing, functional maintenance programs, or health enrichment programs for those that are being discharged from therapy but will remain as residents of the community. Therapists monitor each resident’s progress in these programs through consultation with nursing, direct observation of the resident, and quarterly screening.
  • In addition, we have program manuals and materials to assist both rehab and community staff in developing, monitoring, or improving key resident care programs.