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At Legacy Healthcare Services, we utilize evidence-based clinical care to transform the lives of residents and to empower them to live a life full of purpose, safety, and dignity. Our world-class therapists are available on-site within each community.

We work to improve the health of senior adults so they may live life the way they want to.

Our Services

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is designed to re-educate muscles to work, to retrain other parts of the body to function for those parts which cannot, and to teach clients how to manage with their disability with or without equipment.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy provides treatment aimed at maximizing independence, through re-learning how to perform daily activities or by instruction of others to provide assistance in self-care activities.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists provide individualized speech, language, hearing, cognitive, swallowing, and communication services to improve communication effectiveness and facilitate safe swallow function.

Our Programs

Our wellness and clinical programs are designed to complement healthy living and address many of the common declines the senior population experience.

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Careers at Legacy

Your next chapter starts here. Ignite your Legacy and join our team today. What makes us different? We don't just enhance the quality of life of residents, we empower them to change the story live a healthier life.


Partner With Us

Our therapists empower residents in our care to realize there is another chapter to their Legacy. Our business model allows us to seamlessly integrate into senior living communities, provide the highest quality of care on-site, as well as train community staff.


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