A history rooted in rehabilitation; a future based on empathy

Our History

Legacy Healthcare Services was founded in 1999 by an occupational therapist who saw a need for on-site rehabilitative services in senior living communities. For over 20 years, Legacy operated as a therapist-owned corporation and spread its footprint in communities in over 12 states across the nation.

In 2018, Legacy was acquired by Deaconess Associations Incorporated, a non-profit organization that provides healthcare opportunities to those in need. In turn, Legacy's operations now not only impact the lives of seniors across the nation, but also those in need through Deaconess' charitable mission.

Legacy is still proud to be therapist-operated. Not only are our operations and clinical services run by therapists, but our Chief Executive Officer is also a trained physical therapist with a passion for empowering dignity into the lives of seniors. Since 2018, Legacy has expanded exponentially and is proud to offer services in over 21 states. Even amidst a pandemic, Legacy continues to provide the much-needed services the senior population depends on in a time they have needed our services the most.

Our Why

To empower senior adults to lead a life filled with purpose, safety, and joy!

Our Mission

Delivering advanced and attentive on-site therapeutic care so senior adults can lead a healthy life filled with purpose and dignity.

Our Vision

To enrich the lives of our team and everyone we interact with through clinical excellence, meaningful human connections, and pioneering innovation.

Our Values


Heart Forward

We genuinely care and are readily accessible to residents, clients, and each other.  We treat everyone with respect, kindness, and dignity; the way they want to be treated.


Impact Driven

We deliver the highest quality of evidence-based clinical services with a focus on safety, excellence, wellbeing, and overcoming barriers to care.  We focus on world class clinical programming, training, education, and continuous skill development.


Big Dreamers

We are innovative, think outside the box, and are consistently looking for new ways to improve the lives of our seniors.


Responsible Stewards

We are responsible and accountable to wisely utilize all available resources to further advance our why and our vision.


Do the Right Thing!

We are honest, fair, and transparent in all our dealings.


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