Join us in the Lounge as our host, Katie Holterman (Senior Director of Clinical Programming and Development) sits down with Kelsey Tourigny (Rehab Director, DPT, CPL PEPP) and Kathryn Fleihan (OT) to discuss our SMILE Program.

At Legacy, we work together with residents of communities whom we partner with to offer a way to ensure they are integrated into their new community. We work with the resident and their new community to screen the new environment and help the resident acclimate to their surroundings, and we provide tools and resources to ensure safety in their new home. We hope our team members bring a “SMILE” to those whom we care for each and every day. Our goal is simple. We unite in empowering senior adults across the nation to live a life of purpose, safety, and dignity.

Now, sit back and relax or stay focused and alert—should you be streaming us from your car—and enjoy our latest episode of Legacy Lounge!

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Are you a senior living provider and interested in learning about how our SMILE program can impact the residents within your community? Contact our business development partner by clicking the email below. We’d be more than happy to share more information about how this program can impact the lives of your residents.