By Philip Lane, MS & Jessica Stubbs, PT, DPT

In a world that’s constantly evolving, the field of healthcare is no exception. Here at Legacy Healthcare Services, we empower residents to live a healthy life filled with purpose, safety, and dignity. One method we use to achieve this is through innovative technology. A perfect example is our award-winning Family Link portal, which provides a revolutionary solution that not only bridges the gap between patients and their loved ones but also transforms the way our therapists provide insight on patient care.

Family Link’s Inception

Our reputation is built upon on a commitment to improving the lives of residents in the communities we serve. One of the cornerstones of this commitment is the presence of our world-class therapists on-site, ensuring that residents receive the highest quality care possible. Our dedication to quality also encompasses our therapists’ well-being and technological advancements as well.

When the pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown, the healthcare industry faced unprecedented challenges. Our teams at Legacy Healthcare Services in collaboration with our partners at Alinea saw an opportunity to rise above these challenges and devised a solution that would not only combat isolation but also lay the foundation for a more connected and innovative future. Thus, the Family Link portal was born.

Our teams worked diligently to bring our Family Link portal to life. This device emerged as a lifeline for residents, offering them a way to stay connected with their loved ones during a time when physical interactions were restricted. The Family Link portal was more than just a communication tool; it became a conduit for residents to share their therapy experiences, progress, and achievements through photos and videos.

Family Link in Action

Jessica Stubbs, PT, DPT, and a Clinical Specialist at Legacy Healthcare Services, recently shared her perspective on the transformative impact of the Family Link portal. She emphasized that effective communication between clinicians and family members is pivotal in building trust and fostering strong relationships. The portal not only facilitates this communication but also allows families to witness their loved ones’ therapy journey firsthand. “Family Link gives us that opportunity. Family Link provides us with a way of bridging the gap to keep family members in the loop with how their family member is progressing or not progressing with skilled therapy,” said Jessica.

The integration of the Family Link portal into therapists’ daily routines has been instrumental in driving its success. Jessica described how it has become as routine as taking a daily note. The portal serves as a central hub where therapists can upload progress updates, ensuring that families can track their loved ones’ journey from the beginning to the end of therapy. This consistency has not only improved the patients’ experience but has also enriched our therapists’ interactions with families.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Overall, Family Link not only mitigated the impact of isolation during the pandemic but also transformed the way our therapists engage with families and document patient progress. As we continue to evolve, we guarantee that our commitment to enhancing connectivity and care will remain unwavering – a commitment that we hope will shape the future of healthcare for years to come.

Interested in learning more about how Family Link could make an impact the lives of seniors in your community? Click the button to connect with our business development team—they’d love to show how this portal can truly make a difference in your community.