RALEIGH, NC — Legacy Healthcare Services, a national therapy services provider, announced today the introduction of ZIBRIO Stability Scale (ZIBRIO) technology to proactively determine specific fall risks in residents versus reacting once a fall happens. The purpose of the Stability Scale is to first, increase the accuracy of fall risk assessment (it identifies up to four times more high-risk patients than current clinical methods), while the partnering application identifies the “why” behind an individual’s physical balance score by evaluating the “six pillars of balance.” These pillars help therapists to better coach individuals to understand and address lifestyle factors that affect their fall risk. ZIBRIO technology, therefore, allows therapists to provide a proactive and holistic approach to preventative care to reduce the chance of a fall. Legacy plans for the implementation of all ZIBRIO Stability Scales to land in partnering communities by the end of May 2022.

“Our Legacy WHY is that senior adults should live a healthy life filled with purpose, safety, and dignity,” said Jeff Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Legacy. “Proactively determining fall risk before it happens allows the seniors we serve to live their lives more fully without the fear of falls and without a greater risk of falls. This truly is population health versus reactive health care.”

Legacy conducted a two-month pilot program within partnering communities, in which 2,000 assisted living and memory care residents reside. These residents participated in a 60-second, monthly assessment for fall risk. During this study, an additional 23% of residents were identified to be at risk for falls according to ZIBRIO’s metrics. Based on that assessment, Legacy was then able to create a personalized plan of care that addresses that specific risk. According to the pilot program, 31% of residents improved their balance score within two months, and seven percent of high-risk senior residents shifted to a lower risk category after receiving a personalized plan of care with the Legacy therapy team.

“This is now on the forefront. It’s preventative in allowing us to reach a resident before an incident occurs,” said Laura Cambria, Vice President of Operations of Legacy. “The [ZIBRIO] allows us to enhance resident quality of life, increase engagement, and improve quality scores.”

About Legacy Healthcare Services

Legacy Healthcare Services is a therapist-driven provider of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and wellness services. Legacy is a Medicare-certified rehab agency with over 21 years of services across the nation and currently provides service in 480+ communities in 27 states, including Washington, D.C.

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ZIBRIO, the balance company, is a group of scientists and engineers on a mission to save the world from falling down. ZIBRIO technology uses the center of pressure measurements from a 60-second standing test and applies artificial intelligence to distinguish patterns of stability and instability in the user’s postural control. Based on over 15 years of research on astronauts, athletes, and older adults, using case-specific software also helps users develop a personalized intervention to address their fall risk. We support primary care physicians, physical therapists, senior living management, and older adults themselves. For further information, go to: https://www.zibrio.com.

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