Occupational therapy is one of the services we provide to the senior living communities we happily serve across the United States. Our occupational therapists work to help seniors recover or maintain the skills needed to remain as independent as possible in their daily life. Occupational therapy focuses on a wide variety of skills that seniors utilize in daily function, including driving skills, managing medication, self-care tasks, functional mobility (such as moving on or off a bed or toilet), continence management, and activities of daily living such as housework, pet care or other everyday tasks. Our occupational therapists are skilled in addressing needs that can impact a person’s quality of life, such as continence management or impaired vision, all while factoring in each person’s level of cognitive function.

Meredith Brunk, Director of Occupational Therapy Services, shared, “I chose Occupational Therapist because I wanted to use my creativity while also being a practical problem-solver in the healthcare field.  Occupational Therapy is just that – we create solutions every day for our clients, which aren’t one-size-fits-all but individualized, innovative ones.  The extra rewarding part of our OT solutions is that they’re developed alongside the client while asking and observing, “What is it that’s important to you?  What’s your goal?” And then we find a way for them to accomplish that!

The OTs and COTAs below were recognized by their team members as being outstanding assets to the residents and communities we serve. Thank you to our therapists who go above and beyond each day. We truly appreciate you!

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Are you a therapist looking to start that next chapter of your career? We’d love to have you join our team and unite in empowering seniors in one of our partnering senior living communities.

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Legacy Healthcare Services is a therapist-operated provider of rehabilitative and wellness services in senior living communities across the nation. Legacy is a Medicare-certified rehab agency with over 20 years of services across the nation and currently provides service in 21+ states, including Washington, D.C. We work to improve the health of senior adults so they may live life the way they want to.

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